> Ichthus 2008

The 2008 Ichthus Festival was a roller coaster ride. The week started with the first project by Ichthus Ministries' environmental initiative: ECOS (Earth Commission, Operation Simplify). Then there was the severe thunderstorm June 9 that leveled 14 out of 19 tents at the festival site, with only two days left to open. And it did open, earlier than ever with a Thursday morning battle of the bands. That was followed by one of the hottest Ichthus days ever, and we aren't just talking about Skillet's set the night of June 12. The next day was Friday the 13th, and it turned out to be unlucky for the fest, with thunderstorms scuttling the evening lineup. But as it often has, Ichthus rallied with a fun and worshipful Saturday. The Herald-Leader crew was out there all week. Here's our photo album.

Ichthus - radar
Ichthus - worship
Ichthus - family
Ichthus - mysterious fan
Ichthus - bubbles
Robbie Seay Band - Taylor's guitar
Robbie Seay
Ichthus - praise
Ichthus - Day of Fire beard
Ichthus - Lunch
Air1 & Storyside B
Ichthus - Tomatoes
Destination 7 - Natasha
Destination 7 - Jason Mericle
Ichthus - parachute
Ichthus - hilltopper
Ichthus - front row
Family Force 5 - Chap Stique
Family Force 5 - aka Solomon Olds
Family Force 5 - Crouton
Family Force 5 - Soul Glo Activatur
Family Force 5
Family Force 5 - Xanadu
Ichthus - Father & Son
Ichthus - Communion volunteers
DCB - The Crowdster
DCB - David Crowder
DCB - Mike Hogan
Casting Crowns - Melodee
Casting Crowns - Chris Huffman comes home
Casting Crowns - The DeVevos
Casting Crowns - Mark
Casting Crowns - Mark, 'Praise You in this Storm'